Today, my friend and I went on a trip to Haarlem. This city is the capital of Noord-Holland, one of the twelve counties of The Netherlands. Haarlem marks the tenth of twelve cities I want to visit. After this, I only still have to visit Utrecht and Drenthe.

I reckon by now you know the drill. We went to the visitor’s centre and got ourselves a walking tour of Haarlem. Luckily, this one was a normal and functioning one again, contrary to the one Alieke and I had to use in Leeuwarden.


I hadn’t been to Haarlem before, despite it being very close to Amsterdam. My friend had been to Haarlem before, but only walked along the main shopping street. The tour we walked, showed us the monuments Haarlem has to offer. It should take about an hour and a half to complete, but we decided to sit down for lunch halfway through.


The place we had lunch at, is called Jansje. It is a shop and a lunchroom where people with a disadvantage are able to work (under guidance). All the food is bio and organic (and also delicious. Try the wrap indi).


After we completed the tour, we sat outside on a terrace for a while (and I got horrendously sunburned). The both of us were quite tired and content with the day, so we decided to go to our respective homes and call it a day.


I had a lot of fun this day! It was nice to catch up with my friend and Haarlem really is a very pretty city. It’s not as busy as Amsterdam and it’s got a homelier feel than Leiden or Groningen. The main reason for that is probably that Haarlem doesn’t have a university and thus is a lot quieter (but not actually quiet). Den Haag is also like that.


Anyway. If you want to go for a nice day out, not too far from Amsterdam: visit Haarlem. It’s a lovely city, the walking tour is fun and there’s loads of places to sit down for lunch or just for drinks.


3 thoughts on “Haarlem!

  1. Ha, vet leuk! Ik ben afgelopen weekend ook nog in Haarlem geweest! Grappig dat ik, los van dat plein dan, nu dingen zie die ik zelf totaal niet heb gezien! =)

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