Letters to 2015: August


It’s September already (it’s. September. already. what. the. hell.) and I’ve not even posted my Letter to August yet. I feel like I’ve got a -kind of- solid excuse, though. I spent a lot of August’s time in the United Kingdom and didn’t want to use my precious limited minutes to write a blogpost. This is also why you haven’t seen any report on my journey yet (well, that, and I’m lazy). They’re coming, though, I promise!

But. Anyway. I have loved you, August. I spent so much of your time seeing new things, meeting new people and discovering a lot about myself. Going travelling alone will do that to you. I sincerely believe I know more about myself than I knew before I went to the United Kingdom. Granted, the trip wasn’t very long or far away if you compare it with other people’s adventures, but it was still huge to me. I spent seventeen days travelling around on my own. I had to rely on my own skills and knowledge to get around, to meet people, to do everything. And I loved it.

Seriously. If you’ve never travelled on your own, I highly recommend that you do. It doesn’t need to be far or for long, not at all! I also went to Dublin earlier this year and that was just for three nights. Even something as short as a couple of nights will open your eyes. It’s the fact that you are on your own (which, by the way, does not equal lonely) which is at the same time fucking scary but also exhilarating in a way. I think it’s something that’ll change the way you look at doing things on your own, because after you’ve done this, a lot of other things will just seem easier.

So yes, August. I have loved you and I love what you have shown me. I truly hope you’ll be able to show me this much again next year, because I sure as hell will be looking forward to it.


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