This August, I travelled from Edinburgh down to London in seventeen days. I really loved this experience and want to show you my adventures through some of the photos I took.

This first part will be about the time I spent in Scotland. I stayed in Edinburgh for five nights and left just before Fringe Festival took off. I went on two day trips: one to the Highlands and one to Aberdeen. As I said, Fringe Festival started just after I left. I didn’t know about Fringe before I got to Edinburgh, so I didn’t take it into account when I planned my trip. I’m kind of sad about the missed opportunity, because it seemed really fun. I’ll probably go back to Edinburgh somewhere in the next few years to experience the festival!


Going back to visit Edinburgh once more is generally not a bad idea. The city is absolutely beautiful and it’s easy to spend a few days relaxing there. One of the tourist attractions worth visiting, is Edinburgh Castle. If you plan your visit early in the morning, it’s not very busy yet and you can easily roam around.


But Edinburgh Castle isn’t the only thing Edinburgh has to offer. The city is stunning to walk around in, has enough shops to fill your heart’s desires and offers a rich selection of museums (free of admission, as is the general arrangement in the UK).


If you’re up for a bit of a walk, you should hike up to Arthur’s seat. It’s not an easy place to reach, you have to walk uphill for quite a bit, but the view of Edinburgh is so, so worth it. Make sure you put on some sturdy trainers, though, because the path turns rocky at the end.


I arrived in Edinburgh on a Sunday evening and spend all of Monday walking around the city. Tuesday I had planned my trip to the Highlands. The touring bus took off right outside my hostel, which I hadn’t planned but was very convenient.


The tour I took ultimately brought me to Loch Ness. On the way there, we passed by Glencoe and Ben Nevis. On the site of the Loch Ness, you could take an optional boat tour, but I opted out of that. After the visit to Loch Ness, we went back to Edinburgh, passing by Loch Laggan.


I love going on tour like this, even though it might be the lazier, touristy option. I might have been able to find my way through the Highlands myself, but this was just so much easier. Also, the tour guide provided us with commentary and music and he’s got me hooked on two songs: Walking on the Waves by Skipinnish and Loch Lomong by Runrig.


The next day, I went to Aberdeen. I booked Megabus for my trip there and back again. I think I made a bit of a mistake with Aberdeen. I hadn’t looked up the city beforehand and I probably should have. It’s not a city for tourists and while it has some attractions, it’s too far away from Edinburgh to just go for a quick visit. I still enjoyed myself, but I wouldn’t recommend the trip from Edinburgh if you’re going for just one day.


One of the things I enjoyed best about Aberdeen, was the Tolbooth Museum. It’s a museum about Aberdeen’s history of crime and punishment, something I’m generally interested in. However, the man who worked at the museum was what made this such a lovely experience to me. I don’t think he was required to, but he told me a lot about the museum and about Aberdeen. He gave me a lot of tips on what to do in the city and he was very lovely. I can honestly say he made my day in Aberdeen worth while.


My experiences with Scotland were absolutely great. I loved the Highlands and will definitely come back to visit again. There’s still so much of Scotland that I haven’t visited yet. Edinburgh is a lovely city and it kind of radiates this old, medieval sphere. While it’s a buzzing city, I didn’t feel rushed or anything. All in all, I would say Edinburgh is worth a visit, especially if you combine it with a trip to the beautiful Highlands.


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