Manchester and the Lake District


After I left Edinburgh, I went to Manchester. When the train first drove into Manchester, I immediately felt the city giving off a completely different atmosphere than Edinburgh did. It felt a lot more industrial, which made sense given the huge impact the Industrial Revolution had on the city.

I spent three nights in Manchester, which meant I had one full day to explore the city. The other full day I spent in the Lake District, going on the tour that I had booked.


Most of the photos I took, are from the Lake District. I was incredibly impressed with the beauty of the Lake District. I went there with almost no expectations and I was very surprised. The tour I went on, was by Mountain Goat. We went in a mini van, I think it held about fifteen people. Because I was on my own, the driver had given me the seat in the front. I had the best views and got out of the van first on every location.


I will admit that I don’t remember any of the information I was told while on the tour, but the views are just as impressive without it. Looking back on the Lake District, it’s surprising how much greener and lighter was is than the Scottish Highlands were. The Lake District also came with a much more scenic/rural route, seeing as we had to take slopes going up to 30%.


Part of the Lake District tour was by mini train. It was so small that I had to sit diagonally on a bench to give the other two passenger enough space to put their feet. The compartment definitely wasn’t built for three tall Dutch people.


If you’re ever spending a few days in Manchester, you should absolutely consider going to the Lake District for a day. I would also recommend taking a tour (I was very satisfied by Mountain Goat, #notspon), since the Lake District is quite large and I would not know where to go if I were on my own. The sights you’ll see are breathtaking and if you’re lucky, you’ll connect with some of your fellow tour-goers to make the day even more of a success.


Manchester itself was also a joy to visit. It’s got a couple of museum that I would definitely recommend, but it’s also nice to just walk around and take in the buildings, the sights and the sphere of the city. I went on a walk with someone I’d just met an hour or so ago in the hostel. It was a different experience, exploring a city with someone you barely know, but at the same time, it was very refreshing.


My experience in the Hatters Hostel in Manchester was the best hostel experience I had during my trip. I was staying in a very social and open room, with both guys and girls. I bonded with a couple of them and we spend a lot of time together in Manchester. It was nice to have friends in a strange city. I’ve added them all on Facebook and I’m actually curious to see if I’ll ever meet them again.


I have to admit, I was kinda sad to leave Manchester behind. I had the best time there, especially with my lovely roommates. However, most of them were also planning to leave, so that softened the blow. Next on my list was Birmingham!



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