71. Try some kind of pasta to see if I might actually like it now

For the longest time, I used to think I didn’t like any pasta. I’ve spent years avoiding all kinds of recipes calling for pasta. But since I’m a student and pasta is pretty cheap and ridiculously easy to make, I’ve decided I wanted to taste it one last time.  To decide once and for all if I honestly do not like pasta or if I might actually like it after all.

To do this, I called in the help of Alieke, who, contrary to myself, knows how to make pasta. We decided on pasta pesto, because I know I like pesto. We searched for a good recipe (used the one by Jamie Oliver) and made the pasta.

And I liked it.

A lot.

I didn’t expect that. I even liked it so much, that I’ve made it a couple times since then. I’ve also tried tortellini with tomato sauce, made by my housemate. That was also pretty good, so I think I can definitely say I like pasta now. I just maybe won’t try lasagna just yet, since that might be a step too far.


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