Letters to 2015: October

Hello October!

I’m planning a trip to Prague, oops. I’ve discovered the appeal of travelling around and I can’t wait to go somewhere again. Since I’ve got two weeks off in the beginning of December, it seems like the perfect time for a little getaway. I like the idea of going to Prague before Christmas, when it could be quite cold. I think the city will be emerged in a lovely Christmassy atmosphere. I won’t be travelling alone, though, Hilde will join me. I’m really looking forward to it, the two of us strolling around in Prague.

But before I can get to Prague, I still have a very busy time to survive until then. My internships are in full swing and I’m making very  long days. I won’t bore you with my day-to-day life, but it’s pretty tough.

The days are also getting colder again, October. It’s not quite winter yet, but autumn has definitely pushed through. I don’t need my scarf just yet, but it’s getting close. I can’t wait until the days that you can’t go out without gloves and a scarf,  I love the cold weather.

So, yeah, October. You’ve been quite alright so far. I’m getting used to a normal, working life again after a year of no normal rhythm at all. It’s taking some getting used to, but I’ll manage.


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