At the start of December, my friend and I went on a citytrip to Prague. We had both never been before and it was long overdue for the two of us to go on a holiday together. So, we booked an apartment through Airbnb and booked our flights.


When I told people I was going to Prague, I kept hearing about the beauty of the city. Charles Bridge is a well-known spot of the city, as is Prague Castle. The Astronomical Tower is also an attraction I kept stumbling upon while researching what to see in Prague.


As for the rest of the city, we decided to just walk around a bit. Our apartment was close to the Powder Tower near Celetná. If you follow Celetná towards the river Vltava, you’re automatically walking towards Karlùv Most (Charles Bridge).


We also paid a visit to Prague Castle, which was quite an uphill walk. Nevertheless, we walked practically everywhere and did not need to figure out the public transport. The city, or at least, the touristy part in which we were staying, was not that big and everything could be reached by foot easily.


We stayed for three nights and we had loads of time to see the tourist attractions and wander around. I’m sure we missed things, but I don’t feel like I missed out on anything. I would definitely like to visit Prague again, though. Preferable when it’s covered in snow, I reckon the city is even more beautiful when it’s all white.


One thing that I was pleasantly surprised with, was how kind people on the streets are. People move out of your way a lot (something I’m not really used to in Amsterdam), but also the people behind the little Christmas Market stalls aren’t pushy or yelling at you to buy things. It was all very nice and composed.


The only thing I thought was a bit of a shame, was the temperature. I was kind of hoping for an early winter feeling in Prague, but at times I actually regretted bringing my winter coat with me. I was a bit naive, haha.


All in all, I had a lovely holiday in Prague. The city is very beautiful and very easy to visit as a tourist. My friend and I discovered we can go on holiday together and not ruin our friendship, so that’s a definite plus too!




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