Letters to 2015: December

Hello December!

My last letter! It’s been a year since I started this project, can you believe it. I definitely can’t, that’s for sure. It’s ridiculous how fast the year went by and I’m not just saying that to be cliche.

If I think about all that I’ve done this year, I’m honestly not really believing that I went through it all myself. If my younger self would have known I would go on a three week holiday by myself, she would have shat herself. Which I still did, but I went anyway.

A year ago, I was still working on my dissertation, thinking there would never be an end to it. Then, about five months later, it was finished and I treated myself to a solo trip to Dublin. That was an absolute eye-opener. I could go on holiday by myself and enjoy it thoroughly. Even make some international contacts, while I was at it.

But my biggest adventure was, without a doubt, my trip to the UK. I think I’ve changed a lot this year. I am still introverted, that’s never going to change, but more than one person has told me they think I’m so open and spontaneous. Honestly, I never thought I would see myself that way, but I actually kind of agree. I think I make contact a lot easier than I used to, am I bit more comfortable in my skin than I used to be.

I think that also one of my resolutions for the new year. I want to keep travelling, want to keep finding out more about myself. I also want to keep becoming more comfortable in my own skin. I’m better, but I’m also not there yet. I also want to keep thinking critically. I’m studying a study right now that, after more than four years, might not be the right study for me after all. I want to try things and see what I might like, or what else I could do with my study that I could be happy with. I want to do an internship abroad (though that’s more long-term than just next year).

All in all, I’m looking forward to 2016. 2015 was pretty great to me and I’d like 2016 to continue with that trend.


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