55. Go to a concert

2015-12-10 21.07.05

Quality is crap, but ahhh it’s Florence Welch

The day I returned from Prague, was also the day that I completed this goal. In the evening, I was present at the Florence + The Machine concert in Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam. I had bought my ticket just a few weeks prior and I was lucky they weren’t sold out yet.

The concert itself was a different experience all together. Though still quite new to concerts, I’ve been to my share of them. However, Mumford and Sons are way more composed than Florence is, and even Miles Kane or Halestorm aren’t as wild. I loved the way she sounded live, pretty close to what she sounded like on the CD. Her dancing and running around is what surprised me. The music isn’t calm, so to say, but I hadn’t expected her to be as active as she was. Which isn’t to say that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. Immensly. She was a joy to look at and it was very obvious how much she enjoyed performing.

Although I’ve completed this goal already, I’ve also got two new concerts planned for 2016! First of them is the Mumford and Sons concert on May 23rd. I love Mumford and Sons and I saw them live last year. When I heard they were coming back, I absolutely had to get my hands on some tickets.

The second concert I’m going to, I am so incredibly happy with (and lucky to have got some tickets). She sold out in under half an hour, twice. But that’s really something to be expected, with the level of artist she is. I am talking about Adele. My housemate and I are going to see her in June. I can’t wait to see her live!


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