68. Try five new restaurants

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I don’t eat out a lot, but I often eat at the same few restaurants when I do. I would love to try and visit different restaurants, branch out a little. I hope to try not only new restaurants, but to also try new flavours from other parts of the world.

  1. Black Dog Ballroom, Manchester
  2. Ellis Burgers, Amsterdam
  3. Loetje aan ‘t IJ, Amsterdam
  4. Shabu Shabu, Haarlem
  5. Kreta, Veendam
  6. Pasta Factory, Amsterdam
  7. Kilimanjaro, Amsterdam
  8. Hete Kolen, Amersfoort
  9. De Ebeling, Amsterdam
  10. Taytu, Amsterdam
  11. Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam
  12. De Burgerij, Amsterdam
  13. Pickles, Burgers and Wine, Utrecht
  14. De Bicker, Amsterdam
  15. Norling, Amsterdam
  16. ‘t Houtskooltje, Amsterdam
  17. d’Artiest, Medemblik
  18. Burgers, Hoorn
  19. Las Tapas, Lelystad
  20. Del Sud Classico, Antwerp
  21. Thai Food Cafe, Amsterdam
  22. Nyhavns Færgekro, Copenhagen
  23. Flavours, Brno
  24. Vegan Junk Food Bar, Amsterdam
  25. Sham, Amsterdam
  26. Wonder’s, Schagen
  27. De Kwikkel, Medemblik
  28. Tabasco Nero, Hoorn
  29. One Dim Sum, Amsterdam
  30. Mount Everest, Amsterdam
  31. Happy Italy, Alkmaar
  32. Poesiat en Kater, Amsterdam
  33. Troost Brouwerij, Amsterdam

Good food, better company. #manchester #food #foodporn #gbtrip2015 #blackdogballroom

A post shared by Rosalie (@rosalie.bouma) on



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