56. Discover five new artists/bands

I’m always trying to find new bands or artists to follow. I love discovering new music, whether that’s a whole new band or rediscovering an artist that I didn’t really like before. But while I love finding new music, I am not really very active in searching for it anymore. A few years ago, I found a new band practically every week.  Now, I’m lucky if I find something new to listen to once every six months. I just don’t put as much effort into it anymore and I want that to change.Obviously, that’s not gonna happen with discovering five new artists in 1001 days, but at least it’s a start.

  1. Runrig — during my vacation in the UK, I was introduced to this band. I immediately fell in love with Loch Lomond, but since then I’ve also discovered other songs by them. I really like the sound this band produces and I’m glad I found them. It makes me want to return to Scotland even more, because I get this nostalgic feeling every time I hear Loch Lomond.
  2. Little Mix — while I’ve been a fan of One Direction for a while now, I’ve never really looked into Little Mix. They were formed the same way as One Direction was, on the X-Factor, but never got to the same amount of fame. I believe they’re doing pretty well in the UK, but not really anywhere else. I especially like their latest album, together with a few of their older songs.
  3. Justin Bieber — obviously I’d heard songs from Justin Bieber before, but I was never a fan and, like many people, kind of made fun of his music. However, I think he did really well on his latest album (Purpose) and I have to say that I keep going back to Love yourself. I hope he stays on this path a while longer.
  4. Kacey Musgraves — I’m still not too sure whether I really like country music or if it’s just okay, but Kacey Musgraves definitely belongs to the really like category. I’ve found her, surprisingly, through the One Direction fandom, when Harry Styles tweeted about her back in 2014. Didn’t pay a lot of attention to her then, but recently I’ve rediscovered her. She brings out a side of country music that I don’t know a lot about and I’m excited to listen to her even more.
  5. Niall Horan — I knew about One Direction, obviously. I am quite a fan of their last two/three albums. However, One Direction is currently on hiatus and all four boys have since started their solo careers. I have to admit that I was a bit surprised that I like Niall’s music the best. I’ve never really focused on the boys on their own, though I’m not really surprised at the genre of music Liam Payne is producing. Niall, however, I’m definitely impressed with. His music is pretty much exactly what I like. His albums isn’t out yet, but so far I love his singles. So yeah, Niall’s absolutely a new discovery for me!

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