Ireland trip: Cork!


Cork was next on my list of places to visit. I also spent St. Patrick’s day here and saw the parade.
Cork was quite a bigger city than Kilkenny had been and I was a little disappointed. My first impression wasn’t the greatest and I’ll be honest that Cork wasn’t my favourite place to stay. Which doesn’t mean that it wasn’t fun, per se, but I definitely enjoyed the other cities I stayed in better.


I stayed near the Shandon district, which is a part of Cork that has some older churches and a few musea to visit. I especially liked the Butter museum, which I didn’t think it would beforehand. They show the importance of butter to the Kerry county and the way butter used to be made versus the way it’s made nowadays. It was surprisingly interesting.


I also walked to the Cork County Jail. I had kind of underestimated how long it would take me, but I enjoyed the walk very much. It took me about forty-five minutes and the first part led me over a secluded pathway right next to the river. The second park was through a beautiful park and ended with a bridge. It was very nice out as well, so I could fully appreciate the (hidden) beauty of the city.

The jail itself was pretty fun. It was self-guided, which meant I didn’t have to wait long for a tour to start. The pamphlet was easy to read and the jail was nice to walk around in. They also had some sound effects, so I was a bit spooked at times when I heard footsteps but didn’t see anyone, haha.


As I said, I also spent St. Patrick’s Day in Cork. I saw the parade, but didn’t really do much else. To be honest, I expected more people to be travelling alone as well, but that was a bit of a let down. Most people travelled in groups or were people staying in a hostel because they were studying in the city. This means I didn’t really have anyone to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with. I do plan on coming back to Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day, though, and will probably stay in Dublin then.

All in all, I enjoyed certain parts of Cork, but was a bit disappointed in my St. Patrick’s Day experience. I don’t think I’d want to visit the city again, though it’s shopping centre is without a doubt very fulfilling for everyone.


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