Ireland trip: Killarney!


The last city I planned to visit on this trip was Killarney. I had read a bit about Killarney before going there and people I met on my trip told me that its National Park was beautiful. They also told me to rent a bike and just bike around in the Park. That’s something my Dutch self could absolutely get behind.


I stayed in the Railway Hostel, which was indeed located very conveniently next to the train station. Since Killarney isn’t a very big town, I could easily walk into the centre of the city from there as well. I walked around a bit on my first day, but I was pretty tired from travelling around and spend the evening lying in my bed reading my way through the books I’d just bought.


The second day I went on the day tour of the Ring of Kerry. This is a route you can drive that will take you past the beauty of County Kerry. It covers a big part of Killarney National Park, including the Ladies’ View and Torc Waterfall. I like taking these day tours because I didn’t rent a car and I wanted to see these sights anyhow. I enjoy the information the tour guide gives out and I don’t mind being a cliche tourist.


I also enjoy meeting new people on organised day tours. The first tour in Belfast led me to meet three American girls and this time I met a guy from Norway. What started out as a slightly awkward bus trip ended with a lot of laughter and a lot more knowledge about Norway.


The last day in Killarney I rented a bike and discovered the parts of the National Park that I hadn’t visited the previous day. I spent a good amount of time near Muckross House, on the banks of Muckross Lake. I had to wait a while for my guided tour, but the weather was absolutely stunning for mid-March. I also walked around Muckross Abbey and biked to Ross Castle.


The day ended with my butt hurting all over from the saddle. I went for some fish and chips and got to bed early. The day after, I took the train back to Dublin and stayed there for a night before going back home to the Netherlands.



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