69. Try food from five different countries, preferably food I’ve never tried before

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I like to eat out and try new food, but most of the time I stick to the same five restaurants I know. Since I want to challenge myself to eat more diversely, I will try and eat food from different countries. Since I’ve already eaten sushi a lot, I am not going to count that one in. I also would like the food to be as authentic as possible, but I will count in food that’s been westernized a bit, since that is more commonly served.


  1. Kilimanjaro, Amsterdam.
    Lovely small restaurant near the IJ. Serves African food, with an emphasis on Ethiopian food. Alieke and I tried injera and absolutely loved it. The sour flatbread made us think of pancakes, but tasted nothing like it. On top of the flatbread small dished are served, the juices of which seep into the flatbread and make it extra delicious. The dishes are eaten with the injera itself, which makes the meal a messy but fun activity.
  2. Thai House Wok, Stockholm
    I’d never really eaten Thai food before. I am more familiar with Chinese food (or Dutch variations on Chinese food), but I really wanted to try some Thai food. I was very pleasantly surprised. Turns out I am very happy while eating Pad Thai. I am going to look into some Thai restaurants in Amsterdam as well, for sure!
  3. Taytu, Amsterdam
    Does it count if the second restaurant is also an Ethiopian restaurant? I say it does. My friends and I wanted to go out for dinner and one of them suggested this restaurant, since she read about it somewhere. It was definitely a good choice, since the food was lovely. It was very similar to the food I ate at Kilimanjaro’s, since this was served on injera as well, but I didn’t mind that one bit. I was pretty excited, even, that I could show my friends how to use the pancakes to eat the other dishes. All in all, I would very much recommend this restaurant, and Kilimanjaro as well.

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