Not many people know this, but I actually lived in Amersfoort for the first five years of my life. Obviously I was very young when we moved, but it still is a fact that I spent about one-fifth of my life so far in Amersfoort. This is why a while ago, my mom and I decided to go to Amersfoort for the day. We lucked out on the weather and all in all had a very nice day together. It’s probably the start of a very fun mother-daughter tradition.


The first thing I noticed in Amersfoort, were these triangles on the pavement. They lead you from the train station to the city centre, which is about a ten minute walk.


My mom still knew the way to get around in Amersfoort, so eventually she lead us astray from the triangles and we took our own route to the city centre, passing some places she used to visit often, even with my brother and I. This church is the St. Joris church.


I didn’t expect Amersfoort to be as beautiful as it was. Honestly, I expected it to be pretty industrial, but it was so pretty and has a huge and rich history. I was kind of disappointed that we moved, though I love the house my parents live in and the childhood I had there.


This museum, which we didn’t visit, is called Flehite. It has exhibition about Amersfoort, its history and famous people that lived in Amersfoort. I might go back to visit it somewhere in the future.


As I said, Amersfoort was way prettier than I thought it was going to be. There are a lot of canals and cute little streets to wander around in.


This gate is unique in a way that it’s the only  (still standing) water and road gate at the same time.


This is not how I was taught that the Romans wrote the number 4.


Amersfoort has a very long street called Muurhuizen. It’s translated to wallhouses, or houses as the wall/in the wall (I’m not quite sure). It’s a very pretty and picturesque street to walk through. Somewhere near the end of the street this gateway stands. It’s the only (if I recall correctly) gateway of the city that’s still intact.

All in all, I really liked visiting Amersfoort. I loved the day out with my mom and Amersfoort was a very nice surprise. It might not be the first city on your list to visit, but to me it was definitely worth the trouble.


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