About books and movies (#10)


It’s been a year since my last About books and movies. A year.


High time to call this series back to life again. Even though I’ve read shockingly few books since my last post, I have found some books to talk about. Movies are not as much of a problem as the books are, since I do like a good movie every now and then.

I’ve picked three books and three movies I want to talk about. I’ll start off with the books!


The first book I want to discuss, is The memory keeper’s daughter by Kim Edwards. What attracted me to this book is the title, but sadly it turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The story is about a couple that is expecting their first baby. But during the birth it becomes clear that they’re actually having twins. The first baby they get is perfectly healthy, but the second child is not. The story picks up from there.
For the first quarter to half of the book, I did enjoy it. I was curious to see what was going to happen and the plot was intriguing. However, as the story developed, I lost most of my interest. It got long-winded and a bit repetitive, to be honest. In the end I did enjoy parts of the book, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. I don’t think I’ll keep it on my shelves for a long time.

The second and third books on this list are part of a series by Kierra Cass. The series is called The Selection and I’ve read book two and three, The Elite and The One. I’ve chosen to put them together for this since I read them back to back. Also, I don’t feel like I’ve got enough to say on each book individually. The first book, simply called The Selection, I read a long time ago and definitely enjoyed it more than the subsequent books. The story is set in an dystopian, post-war world and the female main character gets chosen for this selection process to find a proper princess for the prince. As in all dystopian trilogies, she is not about to just let this happen. I think the main problem I had with these books is that they’re just that. They’re just another dystopian trilogy with a female protagonist that’s going to chance the world, willing or not. I’ve read so many books like this that they’ve all lumped together in one big pile in my head and I can’t possibly tell you the difference between them anymore. They’re also distinctively young adult books and while I don’t consider myself to be very old yet, I’m also not in my teen years anymore. Had I read these books when I was still sixteen, I might’ve enjoyed them a bit more. For now, they just confirmed to me that I’m definitely over the young adult dystopian trilogies.

Three movies I’ve enjoyed are The Jungle Book, Alice through the Looking Glass and Now you see me 2. If you click on the poster, it’ll take you to their respective IMBD pages.

The Jungle Book I’ve obviously seen as an animated movie when I was younger, but this new movie was also very nice to watch. The animations are so beautiful and while the story is pretty much the same, the way it’s brought to you is different. It’s mainly just the look of the movie (and the soundtrack, not gonna lie) that’s going to make it very pleasurable to watch. It kind of reminded me of Life of Pi in the way that it’s filmed (not the plot, haha). Anyway, definitely a movie I loved to watch on the big screen.


The second movie I saw is Alice through the Looking Glass. This is the second movie starring Mia Wasikowska as Alice and while I had a bit of a struggle to really enjoy the first movie, this second one was great! The first movie, simple called Alice in Wonderland, didn’t really do it for me, but I also don’t really like the animated version. This second movie, I much preferred the plot and also the characters were more likeable to me.

The third movie is also a sequel. It’s Now you see me 2, not surprisingly the successor to Now you see me.  While the tricks and magic in the movie still entertained me, I couldn’t really care about the plot of it. The movie took a long while to really get going and I just wanted to see some magic tricks, not look at Daniel Radcliffe (not that he’s unpleasant to look at, but he definitely didn’t do any magic). The moments they really got into magic and tricking people, that’s when I was paying attention, but the rest of the movie could have been a lot shorter and I wouldn’t have cared at all.


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