A few days ago, I went on a little holiday to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. I’d never been to Sweden before and Stockholm is actually the most northern place I’ve ever been! This trip was another one of my solo trips. Have a look at what I thought of Stockholm!


I stayed in Stockholm for four nights and I felt that it was long enough to see all the highlights of the city. The first days, I tried to go to as many museums as I could fit in. My first day consisted of the Nordic museum, the Vasa museum and the ABBA museum. The Nordic museum is about Sweden and Swedish culture and traditions. It was fun, though not as impressive as I had hoped.


The Vasa museum definitely was way more impressive. The museum is build around an almost 400-years old ship that sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Its location was rediscovered in the previous century and they managed to pull the ship out of the water. The literally built the museum around the ship and it’s very impressive to see.  The ABBA museum was just really fun. I learned something new about the members, though I was mainly there for the music and fun.


The second day, I was very excited to visit Skansen, which is a kind of open air museum. Supposedly, it should have some wild animals as well as some traditional shops and little bakeries. However, I mainly saw some animals there, though I also saw reindeer for the first time, which was cool. I think most of the other things were closed for the fall and winter. I didn’t spend as much time in Skansen as I anticipated. I took the ferries to and from Skansen, because it was quite a bit to walk from my hostel. Contrary to Amsterdam, the ferries aren’t free of charge in Stockholm, but it was still fun to ride a ferry.


On my second day I went to the Historica museum, which was pretty nice but not something I would necessarily recommend. I also went to the Medieval museum, which was much more fun. The last museum I visited this day was the Photography museum. I’ve become increasingly more interested in photography, though I very much am still an amateur and will always be just an amateur. The exhibition in the museum was on Anton Corbijn, a Dutch person. However, I don’t really care about him and I didn’t really find this particular exhibition very interesting.


I also walked through Gamla Stan (Old Town) on my second day. It was a lot of fun to see the oldest part of the city, though it was also definitely the most touristy part of the city. I had only seen one tourist shop before visiting Gamla Stand and I’d seen a dozen after visiting the old streets.


My third day I took a tour of the Stockholm archipelago. Stockholm consists of a lot of island, some very small but some quite a bit bigger. This tour was guided, so I learned a bit more about the history of Stockholm and how people used to visit the island and what people’s current stance is. Most of the islands hold summer houses, though there’s also some islands that people live on year round. They’re dependent on ferries bringing them supplies daily! Just imagine that.


I didn’t do anything else on my last day. I was pretty tired from the days before and I didn’t feel like going anywhere else. So, the remainder of the day was spent in the hostel, just chilling and reading a bit. One of the things I love about travelling on my own is that I could just make that decision without having to justify it to someone else.

My trip to Stockholm was a good one. I liked the city. I liked the feel of it, I liked the look of it. I am also really interested in visiting other parts of Sweden sometime in the future. But for now, Stockholm was a very nice city to get my first taste of Sweden.


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