83. Go to five different museums


Let me prefase this by stating that I often visit museums whenever I’m away from home. Put me in a foreign city and chances are that I’ll have visited at least half of the museums in two days. However, once I’m back home, that drastically declines. Amsterdam is full of museums, but the only time I visited some of them, was during the Museumnacht.
I planned to visited more Dutch museums when I got a Museumjaarkaart (a card that offers you free entrance to many Dutch museums) for my birthday last year, but alas. It’s been almost a year to the day, and I’ve only visited the Rijksmuseum. However, this goal was to visit five different museums and I’ve defintely accomplished that.

  1. Biermuseum, Brussels
  2. Chocolademuseum, Brussels
  3. The ABBA museum, Stockholm
  4. Vasa museum, Stockholm
  5. Nordic museum, Stockholm
  6. Historic museum, Stockholm
  7. Medieval museum, Stockholm
  8. Photography museum, Stockholm
  9. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

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