The Heavy Water War

Since my siblings gave me a Google Chromecast for my birthday, I’ve discovered how comfortable it is to watch Netflix from my bed. I used to watch it on my laptop, while sitting at my desk, since I don’t like having my laptop in bed with me. Now that I can watch Netflix on my television, I’ve started watching way more movies and series. The last series I discovered, is the Heavy Water War. It is a mini drama tv-series based on events in World War II, consisting of six episodes. I hadn’t heard of it before, but the description on Netflix was interesting enough that I decided to give the series a try.

As I have said before, I am not one for WWII series or books or movies. I don’t usually enjoy them, prefer to watch a fantasy movie like Lord of the Rings if I want to see fighting. I realise this is some sort of putting-my-head-in-the-sand ideology, that could probably be examined on a deeper level, but let’s not get into that.

This series I quite liked, for a few reasons:

The series takes place in Norway, England and Germany. They also speak Norse in Norway, English in England and German in Germany. I can really appreciate this. Too many times have there been (mostly American) movies where everybody in Europe suddenly speaks English, even when around people who would speak the same native language. I know it’s a small thing to be irked about, but I prefer movies to be realistic enough that people speak their native language when they logically would.

The movie also isn’t just about war and fighting. Obviously, it is about war, but it seems to be more cunning and plotting (and backstabbing) than just full-on fighting scenes. I like this more. This shows more of the strategic side of war and I prefer to watch movies like this.

Lastly, the series is based on events that I had not heard of before. It is about a heavy water factory in Norway, and I didn’t even know there was a heavy water factory in Norway in the first place. Movies and series about D-Day exist in abundance, but series about smaller, but maybe not even less important, events aren’t so well-known. Or, they aren’t to me, at least.

Obviously there were some things that I enjoyed a bit less, like a romantic subplot that didn’t add to the series at all and should have been left out, but that doesn’t matter. Point is that I finished the series in less than two days and that I would recommend you to watch it as well.


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