69. Try food from five different countries, preferably food I’ve never tried before

Diner bij Hete Kolen! #food #foodporn #dinner #hetekolen #amersfoort #chicken

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I like to think that I am pretty open-minded. That applies to many things, but it also applies to food. I don’t mind trying anything and sometimes I will even try something a second time before decided if I do or don’t like it. I once ate bugs at a food festival and wouldn’t mind eating them again.

However, whenever I go to a restaurant or cook something at home, I usually stick to the things I know I like. That’s just the easier way. But I want to change that up a little. Not that I think there’s many extreme dishes to be found in Amsterdam, I still would like to try some of the more unknown food.

So that’s where this goal comes in. It stimulates me to try and eat out of my comfort zone and to experience more than just the things I already know and like.

The first thing I am going to put on this list is injera. Injera is an East-African sourdough flatbread. The textured reminded me a little bit of Dutch pancakes. The injera I ate was served with other dishes on top. Those were usually some meat and vegetables, prepared like a stew. The whole table gets one big batch of injera, though you can order different ‘toppings’ to go on the bread. The injera is used to eat the meat and vegetables, so there’s no cutlery and you’re supposed to get a bit messy.
I really enjoyed this way of eating my food. I had injera at Kilimanjaro and Taytu, both restaurants in Amsterdam. The food was very tasty and the price is very student-friendly as well.

The second dish I am going to put on my list, is Thai noodles/curry. I am not sure as to what it exactly is, but the recipe I follow said it was a Thai dish. I made this at home, but I did follow some recipes pretty closely, so it should be as authentic as a Dutch person who’s never been to Asia could possibly prepare it. Which is probably not very authentic at all, but I tried my best. I can definitely tell you that it tasted very good. I made it with shrimp, but also spring onion, coriander en lime.

Not only did I try to make some Thai food myself, I also went to the Thai Food Restaurant in Amsterdam with some friends and tried the Pad Thai (which I’ve also tried in Copenhagen since then). I have to admit that I’m not the biggest fan of the dish. It’s alright, but it’s not something I would order again. I’d prefer a curry.

I also ate Tibetan food in a restaurant in Amsterdam. I’d reminded me a lot of the injera, weirdly enough, for the exception that this was served with rice and not with pancakes. It tasted pretty good, especially the dumplings we had as starters. They also served some pretty great curry and a lovely beef stew. However, they also served some things that should have been left out. For instance, they served a salad that didn’t really taste anything special and very obviously had a regular thousand island dressing on top. It was a salad like my mom has made many times at home, and she’s as Dutch as they come. All in all, I really liked the flavours, but I don’t think I’ll go back to this particular restaurant.

Eten bij de Tibetaan #food #foodporn #norling #tibetaans #uiteten #dinnerwithfriends

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The fourth country is not really a country, but a region. I went to a restaurant that serves mainly Middle-Eastern food. We asked the server which country their restaurant was based on, and she told us it was mainly food that is found in the Middle-East, not one specific country. I’m still going to add this on the list, though. The food they served was delicious. I tried a lot of new flavours and definitely got inspired to try some more Middle-Eastern recipes at home.

The fifth country I want to add to this list is India. Obviously, with all of these countries, I haven’t tried all of the possible tastes and flavours, but I’ve tried at least one dish that’s famous for being from that country. For India, this is the Tikka Massala that I had when I was in Brno. It was absolutely delicious and I can’t wait to try more Indian food.



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