Harry Potter expo Utrecht

2017-05-13 11.03.50

Last weekend Alieke and I went to the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht. This Expo holds all kinds of props and costumes used in making the Harry Potter movies. Even though I’ve also visited the Harry Potter Studios in London, I was still interested in going to this Expo as well.

2017-05-13 11.07.42

As I said, the Expo displays a lot of props and costumes used in the movies. It is really fun to see all these things you know from a movie screen in real life. I was constantly surprised at how small the costumes looked (expect the one for Neville Longbottom), but I also had to remind myself they were kids for most of the movies.

2017-05-13 11.11.02

Even though I’d already been to the Harry Potter studios in London, this wasn’t a waste of time of money. I don’t know if these props were displayed in the London Studios, but I didn’t feel like déjà vu. It was just really nice to see all these things again and have a little Harry Potter moment again, so many years after the movies were shot.

2017-05-13 11.11.51

I believe the Expo will be around for a little while longer. You can order tickets online for a dedicated time slot in which you’re allowed entrance. After the bit at the beginning, you’re free to roam around by yourself. Alieke and I were inside for about an hour. It costs €22 to visit the Expo, which is a reasonable price.

2017-05-13 11.12.53

Even though the Harry Potter Studios were definitely a lot  bigger and took a lot longer to go through, I think I’d prefer the Expo over that. This one was  just big enough to feel excited, but not so large that you’d feel overwhelmed with the amount of stuff to see. The gift shop in London was a lot better, though, since it was also a lot bigger. However, I’d imagine they’ve both got the same ridiculously high prices, so you’re definitely not missing out on that.

2017-05-13 11.24.02
You’re allowed to take pictures of everything, as long as you’ve got the flash turned off. However, it is quite dark during certain parts of the tour. I did still manage to take a few nice pictures, though.

2017-05-13 11.24.34

All in all I’d recommend the Harry Potter Expo in Utrecht. It’s not as big as the Harry Potter Studios in London are, but maybe that’s its charm as well.


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