Since I’d been to Stockholm the urge to visit more Scandinavian countries grew stronger and stronger. While I definitely also want to visit Oslo and Bergen in Norway, that country is absolutely way too expensive for me at the moment. However, when I checked out how much it would cost me to fly to and stay in Copenhagen,  I realised I could actually manage that. So, I quickly booked my flight and hostel.


I stayed in the Sleep in Heaven hostel, about fifteen minutes walk from the centre of Copenhagen. When I checked in, they told me I wasn’t to stay in the main building, but in a different building they had recently added to the hostel. The building  and the rooms itself were fine, I didn’t have any problem with that, but it did mean no common room, no breakfast in the building, no place to find other travellers other than my room. I was a bit disappointed to discover this.


I spent most of my days in Copenhagen just walking around. I walked through the older part of the city, passing by Nyhavn and the longest shopping street in Europe. I also walked all the way up to the statue of the Little Mermaid (Den lille havfrue). The statue itself is quite small, but luckily I knew this beforehand. I didn’t realise however, how far up north it was. It was still a nice bit to walk, passing the harbour and a park. However, it might be nicer to rent bikes and cycle through Copenhagen, since it is quite widespread.


My last night, I ate at Nyhavns Færgekro. While the restaurant is more on the expensive side for a student like me, I felt like I could afford it on my last night, I had some Danish money left. I didn’t do a lot of shopping otherwise, apart from some plasters for my blisters and a mug with Copenhagen on it. For food, I usually went to the Street Food Market. Walk over the Inderhavnsbroen, take a left on the Butterfly-3-way Bridge and take a left again on Trangravsvej and you should be able to see the building inside of which there’s load of little stands selling street food. I’d recommend the burger with shrimp from a stand all the way in the back, it was lovely.


I didn’t go to Christiana Freetown, since I’d heard about open drug dealing on the street and even some guns being shot during the day a few weeks before, so I decided to avoid that. I did walk around The Lakes, which I passed everyday anyway. Walking around Copenhagen is a really nice idea anyhow, with the beautiful Danish architecture and design. The buildings around the Lakes are more dated, I believe, but take a walk from Nyhavn up to the the Little Mermaid and you’ve got a beautiful sight ahead of you.


For Wednesday I had booked a boat-tour to Hven, a Swedish island located between Denmark and Sweden. I usually book something when I go on a citytrip, kind of as a way to ‘break’ the week and also to see a bit more of the surroundings apart from just the city I’m staying in. The boat took about an hour and a half to arrive in Hven.


Hven is an island and home to the Tycho Brahe museum, a museum about one of the most important scientist of the sixteenth century. Many people rent bikes to discover the island, but I walked the way to the museum and back. The island and the museum are nice, but I think they’re more enjoyable if you go with someone. I didn’t really do anything else, besides sitting by the sea and reading my book after I was done with the museum.


All in all, I liked Copenhagen. It’s a beautiful city. However, if I ever come back to Denmark, I want to discover more of the country rather than pay Copenhagen another visit. I feel like Denmark’s got way more too offer and would be a perfect country for a little road-trip, at least, if you’ve got some money to spare. Denmark is on the expensive side, and that’s coming from someone who lives in The Netherlands.



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