About me



Hi there!

Welcome on my blog! What a nice surprise to see you hanging around here. Since you’re currently on my ‘About’ page, I’ll tell you some stuff about me: I am a twenty-four years old girl from the Netherlands. I live in Amsterdam to study medicine, but I also like to go around discovering more about Amsterdam (and the rest of the world). I love to read books, watch movies and hang around with friends. In the summertime, I teach people how to go windsurfing and sometimes, when I have the time, I also teach kids how to sail. I love those jobs and I love sailing and surfing in general. One of my dreams is to go surfing in France (or anywhere with waves), but that dream’s a bit too big for Day Zero (because money). When it’s winter, I also love sledding and snowboarding. I really want to go to Poland again to improve my snowboarding, but for now I’ll have to make do with indoor halls.

As you can see, I’ve decided to make my Day Zero challenge the main theme of my blog. This means I’ll be blogging about food, books, movies, travelling, the Netherlands, Amsterdam and a lot more. Everything I think is interesting and deserves a place on here, I blog about.



7 thoughts on “About me

  1. wat heb je een leuke blog! ik kwam hem tegen toen ik aan het browsen was op internet. I love to see you’re doing it all in English :) ik wil misschien ook een blog beginnen en ik was op zoek naar inspiratie and I like your list, veel dingen herken ik omdat ik ze zelf ook leuk vind: reizen, fotografie, creativiteit, food, boeken, films, echt leuk!

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