Day Zero lists

The idea of a Day Zero list is quite simple. You come up with 101 goals that you have to fulfil in 1001 days. However, as always, it’s easier said than done. Coming up with 101 goals can sometimes turn out to be quite the struggle and I’ve spent many hours browsing the internet to find some more goals to add to my list.

Nonetheless, I’ve actually managed to make some lists. A few of them existed long before this blog even saw the light of day and, trust me, they are better off staying in the dark.
A couple of years ago, though, I came up with a list I was very motived to complete. Motivated enough to create a blog to go with it.

Fast forward to the current day and here we are. I’ve made my second ~serious~ list and my blog is still going strong. I have inspired a few people to join me in the Day Zero project and overall, I’m pretty content with how it’s influenced my life. Even though not all the goals may have always had a huge impact, I’ve still done things I wouldn’t have done before.

I hope I have inspired you to maybe consider doing the Day Zero project, but regardless, have fun browsing through my lists!

Day Zero list 2012-2015

Day Zero list 2015-2018