The list ’15 – ’18

1. Get my Master’s Degree in Medicine
2. Get my Ship’s Passport
3. Save 50% of my income per month for at least 15 months
4. Don’t spend any money for a week
5. Participate in another 5K race
6. Run 10K
7. Get a tattoo
8. Get a helix piercing in one ear
9. Get to my goal weight

10. Keep in touch with friends I don’t see often
11. Give away all clothing that does not currently fit
12. Limit my shoe collection to ten pairs (excluding work shoes and trainers)
13. Get rid of 50 things
14. Buy some kind of Polaroid like camera (like the Instax)
15. ‘Unplug’ from all social media and electronics for a weekend
16. Make sure an updated photo of my brothers and I is taken
17. Keep my Dutch blog up to date
18. Own my domain for this blog

19. Learn how to properly handle my DSLR camera
20. Learn to work with Photoshop
21. Get at least somewhat fluent in Spanish
22. Improve my sign language (Nederlandse gebarentaal)
23. Take a yoga class
24. Take a wave-surfing class
25. Learn to locate the different states of the USA on a map
26. Learn a new card game

27. Read 100 books
28. Read all the books currently on my shelf
29. Read five non-fiction books
30. Read five books on mental health
31. Read one ‘based on a true story’ book
32. Read five books in Dutch
33. Choose five countries and read a book by an author from each one
34. Reread all seven Harry Potter books in English
35. Read a novel by Jane Austen
36. Continue to read as many books from the BBC’s Big Read as possible
37. Read three books from the banned books list
38. Write a short story
39. Write five creative writing prompts from:
40. Keep a ‘My Day in Six Words’ journal for at least two months
41. Sort out my book case and donate any old books

42. Watch 100 movies
43. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
44. Watch ten classic movies I’ve never seen
45. Watch every James Bond film
46. Pick five countries and watch five movies from those countries
47. Watch a Bollywood movie
48. (Re)watch all Disney classics
49. See at least ten movies in the cinema
50. Don’t watch TV for a week
51. Continue to watch as many movies from the IMDb top 250 as possible.
52. Watch a play at a local theater
53. Finish watching two finished series
54. Watch the Oscar-nominated movies from the year I was born

55. Go to a concert
56. Discover five new artists/bands
57. Listen to 26 new songs, each starting with a different letter of the alphabet
58. Sort out the music currently in my iTunes
59. Buy a new iPod/other kind of music player
60. Learn how to play the ukelele

61. Learn to make five cocktails
62. Make someone a birthday cake
63. Make a home-made pizza from scratch (this includes the dough)
64. Make home-made pesto
65. Make an alcohol watermelon
66. Make scones
67. Put together a gingerbread house
68. Try five new restaurants
69. Try food from five different countries, preferably food I’ve never tried before
70. Try ten new recipes
71. Try some kind of pasta to see if I might actually like it now
72. Post at least ten recipes on my blog
73. Drink only water for one whole month
74. Don’t drink any alcohol for a month (not even Radler)
75. Toast marshmallows on a fire

76. Go on at least two vacations abroad
77. Take the train to a foreign city
78. Book a journey through
79. Visit the Rijksmuseum
80. Visit the Anne Frank house
81. See the Hunebedden in Drenthe
82. Go to the zoo
83. Go to five different museums
84. Visit five more cities and take a picture of something defining that city

85. Buy a lottery ticket
86. Host a board games night
87. Ask someone out on a date
88. Go out on a date
89. Go wall climbing
90. Create a herb garden (and keep it alive)
91. Walk at least five city walks of Amsterdam from my box of City Walks
92. Dye my hair (again)
93. Finish knitting my scarf
94. Finish a 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle
95. Complete a colouring book
96. Finish the story on Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
97. Take a picture with friends in a photobooth
98. Stay up and see the sunrise on New Year’s
99. Send ten postcards through Postcrossing
100. Start filling in a Colouring Book for Adults
101. Complete a Sims legacy

Cursive means failed


3 thoughts on “The list ’15 – ’18

  1. A very fun and inspiring list! I wish you the best in accomplishing every item. For your music related needs “Discover five new artists/bands,” you can check out my blog if you wish. Best of luck!

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