The list ’12 – ’15

Personal achievements
1. Buy a piggy bank and add €1 every time I complete a goal
2. Donate blood
3. Find out my blood type
4. Stretch my ears to 6mm
5. Get a job
6. Complete the Start-to-run program
7. Run in the rain
8. Say yes to something I wouldn’t normally do
9. Learn a bit of sign language
10. Don’t spend any money for a week
11. Stick to a strict budget for a month and put what I’ve saved into my savings account
12. Keep my room tidy for a month
13. Become flexible enough to touch my toes
14. Go to bed before midnight for a week
15. Buy a new photo album and continue the trend my friends started when they gave me a full photo album when I graduated
16. Sort out my wardrobe and donate any old clothes
17. Start wearing more high heels
18. Go to five different museums
19. Start a blog or journal

Books and movies
20. Read 100 books
21. Read as many books from the BBC’s Big Read as possible
22. Buy an eReader
23. Ask ten friends to suggest a book and read them all
24. Spend an afternoon reading in the park
25. Read all the books currently on my shelf
26. Read an entire book in one day
27. Read a self-help book (not necessarily spiritual)
28. Buy a notebook and keep track of quotations from books I love
29. Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find
30. Buy a note book and write only lists in it
31. Buy books at a thrift store and save money
32. Organize my book in alphabetical order on author’s last name

33. Watch 100 movies
34. Watch 26 movies I’ve never seen starting with each letter of the Alphabet
35. Watch all three Lord of the Rings movies in one day
36. Watch all three the Hobbit movies in one day
37. Watch all eight Harry Potter movies in one or two day(s)
38. Have a Tim Burton movie marathon
39. Spend a rainy day watching movies in my PJ’s
40. See at least fifteen movies in the cinema
41. Go to the cinema on my own
42. Watch two movies back to back in the cinema
43. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie
44. Watch as many movies from the IMDb top 250 as possible.
45. Make a short stopmotion movie
46. Pick five countries and watch five movies from those countries

Food related
47. Make a custom recipe book
48. Learn to cook ten new recipes
49. Open a cookbook to a random page and make whatever comes up
50. Make a birthday cake for someone
51. Make my own sushi
52. Eat vegetarian for a week
53. No fast food for a month
54. Give up chocolate for one month
55. Stop drinking soda for a month
56. Go on a picnic

Creative beast
57. Find a personally inspirational quote and work it into a piece of art or home decor
58. Complete a coloring book
59. Learn to knit
60. Knit myself a scarf
61. Print a design on a shirt
62. Buy a Wreck This Journal and finish it
63. Fill a sketchbook with drawings
64. Finish a Sudoku book
65. Finish a 1000+ piece jigsaw puzzle
66. Learn to juggle for 60+ consecutive seconds.

Photographic thingies
67. Buy an underwater camera
68. Identify ten things that make me happy and take a picture of them
69. Take ten pictures of unexpected beautiful places
70. Put together a photo-album for the year 2014
71. Take a picture using a fish-eye lens
72. Take a picture with friends in a photobooth

Involves traveling
73. Go to a concert
74. Go to the zoo
75. Go camping
76. Go to an indoor place to snowboard in Germany with my friends
77. Go on a vacation to a foreign country
78. Spend a day at the beach
79. Spend a weekend on a Waddeneiland
80. With eyes close, pick a point on a map of the Netherlands and travel there
81. Be a tourist in my own city (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
82. Learn about the inner workings of the human body at Corpus in Leiden (Leiden, Netherlands)
83. Visit twelve new cities and take a picture of something defining that city
84. Try geocaching

Fun stuff
85. Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day
86. Stay up for 24 hours straight
87. Stay up and see the sunrise on New Year’s
88. Tie a note to a helium balloon and let it go
89. Get a tourist map of Amsterdam and mark my favorite places
90. Make a list of fifteen historical buildings I’d like to visit (again)
91. Build a snowman
92. Build a sand castle
93. Dye my hair
94. Meet an online friend in person
95. Leave my phone home for a day
96. Leave my laptop turned off for one entire day (and also don’t use tablet instead)
97. Solve a Rubik’s Cube without cheating
98. Stand up for old people in public transport, even if they say I don’t have to
99. Have a family game night
100. Send an anonymous Valentine to somebody I secretly like
101. Send ten postcards through PostCrossing


3 thoughts on “The list ’12 – ’15

    • Hi! Thanks, I’ve copied some goals from other people too! Can’t seem to get to 101 goals, though.

      Thanks, I hope it turns out well, I sometimes still have some difficulties with English, but ah. I can manage.

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