83. Go to five different museums

Let me prefase this by stating that I often visit museums whenever I’m away from home. Put me in a foreign city and chances are that I’ll have visited at least half of the museums in two days. However, once I’m back home, that drastically declines. Amsterdam is full of museums, but the only time…

Travelling on your own (#2)

Welcome to my second blog post on travelling on your own! In my last post, I talked about some of the prejudices attached to travelling on your own and showed you some options on making friends while travelling on your own. In this post, I’ll be talking a bit more on exploring a city on…


  A few days ago, I went on a little holiday to Stockholm, the capitol of Sweden. I’d never been to Sweden before and Stockholm is actually the most northern place I’ve ever been! This trip was another one of my solo trips. Have a look at what I thought of Stockholm!


A few weeks ago, I went to visit a friend of mine in Brussels. She’s currently staying there for her studies and asked me if I would like to come by. I did, so after a three hours bus ride, I arrived in Brussels.

Relaxing holiday

As one might have noticed, I’ve been gone from this blog for a while. Partly because of an overwhelming amount of work that I had to do, but also partly because I went on a little vacation with my parents on their boat. I’m not writing a large blogpost on it, but I did want…